Welcome to SuperProMatch, an online service aimed at better matching superintendent candidate needs with the needs of school districts.

This one-of-a-kind technology, managed by SuperProMatch's Superintendent Search professionals, ensures that schools have the best and brightest candidates to consider for their next leader.

Candidates need to first complete their profile. This information is then matched against current vacancies. Those candidates that match the district's profile by a mutually agreed upon minimum average will be notified and advised to apply for the position. Interested candidates who don't quite meet the minimum average match are also welcome and encouraged to apply.

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For Administrators
SuperProMatch can help you find the perfect opportunity for your skills and experience to shine. Enter your information today, and we'll begin matching you with districts that are looking for someone with your unique qualifications.
For School Districts
Finding a new Superintendent has never been easier. SuperProMatch is backed by a team with decades of experience in K-12 education administration to assure that you're matched with only the most qualified candidates.
For State Associations
Bring your districts a whole new level of service by partnering with SuperProMatch. Our network of state, regional and national candidates will give your members the results they expect from a professional candidate search.
For assistance, please contact help@superpromatch.org.